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Why Tottenham are going to catch Chelsea

“We won the league at White Hart Lane” (I know the Arsenal faithful don’t actually say ‘White’ Hart Lane but this is a serious news outlet so I’ll keep it PG) It’s the North London derby this weekend, so no doubt you’re going to hear that old number echoing around the city, but things have […]


What the Fans Thought – How the fighting Cockerels decapitated the Potters.

London is, undeniably, an amazing city. As is (in my opinion) Stoke. Things we have to boast to our name include; the Spitfire, the pottery industry, and of course, Robbie Williams. One thing we don’t have to our name at the moment is a defence. Good god. We were awful. It was initially the job […]


‘Have you ever seen Tottenham win the league?’ maybe soon…

Spurs fans know the chant well: they don’t need to be reminded of it.  Any proud fan old enough to remember will tell you of the glory days under Bill Nicholson, during which the club lifted the old First Division trophy in 1961. Yet the younger generation will struggle to find similar successes for Tottenham […]

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5 reasons why it’s time for Bale to usurp Ronaldo as top Galactico

Tottenham made London Bale’s stage; now it’s time for Real to follow suit. Bale was far better at the Euros than Ronaldo For so many reasons as well. Yes, Ronaldo won the title and that will inevitably go some way to probably securing a fourth Player of the Year award but at the tournament, he […]


Can Tottenham challenge for the Premier League again?

It has been a long time in the waiting but finally fans around White Hart Lane are entering a Premier League season without having to console themselves with the mantra ‘don’t worry, this is just a transitional season anyway’. Finally Tottenham Hotspur aren’t the club with the new boss, they aren’t the club recovering from […]

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London’s Summer Transfers

Arsenal In: Granit Xhaka Out: Mikel Arteta, Tomas Rosicky Granit Xhaka is the Premier League’s most expensive summer signing so far (Reported to be around £35 million) Both Arteta and Rosicky have already left Arsenal this summer at the end of their contracts, having become fan favourites in their time at the Emirates. Although sad […]