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Why Tottenham are going to catch Chelsea

“We won the league at White Hart Lane”

(I know the Arsenal faithful don’t actually say ‘White’ Hart Lane but this is a serious news outlet so I’ll keep it PG)

It’s the North London derby this weekend, so no doubt you’re going to hear that old number echoing around the city, but things have changed since Sol Campbell’s betrayal and Thierry Henry’s knee slide. Tottenham are going to take the gap to one point this weekend. I can feel it.

And before we start, I’m not a Tottenham fan, I’m from the West Midlands and I find both Tottenham and Chelsea annoying, but I think Tottenham are the better team, and here’s why.


Isn’t it about time things went the right way for Spurs? I mean really they’ve had a pretty poor time of it up until recently. Lasagne-gate, coming third in a two horse race last year, Soldado, it’s all been so tough.

I’m a big believer in fate and just imagine the uproar along Seven Sisters Road if the plucky underdogs beat Chelsea to the title at the last minute? I’d love to see it.

Tottenham are going to make it some-day. This team are bound for silverware, they will make their mark eventually, why not now? Why not in the most spectacular of fashions, by beating the gunners this weekend, their arch rivals and regularly the source of decades of pain.

The North London Derby

The ‘neighbours’ from Woolwich (yes I opened that old can of worms) have been in disarray this season. “Wenger out!” has gone around the world, to aeroplanes, Donald Trump protests and Nascar, its somewhat of a global brand. Having an internal club conflict create that much humour is a sign of just how difficult things have gotten for the gunners.

Across the way, Tottenham have just broken their historical winning streak, and don’t look to be slowing up any time soon, Harry Kane back and Eriksen setting the league alight, with a hand in 16 goals in the last 12 games (5 scored, and 11 assisted).

If ever there was a time to right some old wrongs in the rivalry it would be now.


It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the League leaders.

Tottenham are in the ascendancy, Chelsea are giants waiting to fall.

Chelsea are in good form, but have also been known to stumble, and from what I’ve seen, Tottenham are the better team.

They might have demolished Tottenham 4-2 in the FA cup, a fact the FCapital boss remains “sore” about (one reason why I’m doing this article and not him) but they also lost to Manchester United recently, and more significantly, Crystal Palace.

With the best will in the world, Palace have not been good this season, Everton, however, have. They’re sat in 7th, with an almighty gap between them and West Brom, 14 points to be exact, so there isn’t a lot of looking their should necessary. However, going forward, they’re only 2 points off Arsenal, who, as I’ve discussed, might just lose at Tottenham. In an odd kind of symmetry, Tottenham and Everton need eachother.

The blues of London travel all the way up to Merseyside this weekend to face the blues of Goodison park. Everything points to this being an uphill struggle for the Londoners – Goodison itself is often touted as one of the most difficult away grounds to play in. Everton have not lost at home in the Premier League since December, why would this change on Saturday?

All in all, Tottenham are poised to beat Arsenal this weekend, and Chelsea have a battle on their hands. Unfortunately “We reduced the difference at the top of the table to 1 point and in the process knocked Arsenal down to 7th at White Hart Lane” doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so well.